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est. 2018

DUB Week was established in 2018 as a way for Jenks Student Council to get themselves and the school body involved in helping the community. In the past few years, DUB Week has grown from a small philanthropy initiative to something far beyond what was previously imagined. DUB Week allows us to work with so many different groups of people to bring awareness and help to our cause; student council members, other club participants, school students and faculty, friends and family in the community and beyond, amazing business owners, in town, and out. What began as a centralized effort, developed into a widespread strive for change. As we are still a growing name, we encourage our viewers to please share our cause!! Tell your friends and family about "DUB Week" and we would love to answer any questions they have about involvement! We have so many dreams about our goals this year and can not wait to see where it will take us in the future!

2023 - Jenks Food Bank


The Jenks Community Food Bank was our fifth annual DUB Week recipient. The food bank was in need of basic infrastructure and a walk-in freezer so that they could take in more food donations. In our best year to date, we raised $80,202.30!

2022 - Make-A-Wish Oklahoma

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Make-A-Wish Oklahoma was our fourth annual DUB week recipient. We raised $40,042.15 for Make-A-Wish Oklahoma! We were able to grant 4 wishes to children in our own community.

2021 - The Common Good [Tulsa]


Our third annual DUB Week occurred during a rough year for the economy. Despite the struggles faced, we made sure to prioritize the success of DUB Week! In 2021, The Common Good in North Tulsa was our philanthropy focus. We were so excited to announce we passed our goal and raised $16,115 for The Common Good.

2020 - Make-A-Wish Oklahoma

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2020 was a BIG year for DUB Week! For our second year of DUB Week, we chose to raise money for Make-A-Wish Oklahoma! This was a big year for huge goals and surpassing those goals! DUB Week 2020 we were able to raise $33,162 for Make-A-Wish Oklahoma!!

2019 - Youth Services of Tulsa


In 2019, Jenks DUB Week was just getting bigger and bigger! We kicked off our philanthropy initiative by fundraising for Youth Services of Tulsa. This year set a precedent for many amazing DUB Weeks to come! We raised $5,000 for YST!

  DUB Week Memories!  



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